Patcham Community Centre – Parking rules

Parking enforcement in the form of Parking Charge Notices (tickets) is in place within the Patcham Community Centre car park and is in force 24 hours. All vehicles now require permission to park and the following rules apply:-

Patcham Community Association (PCA) Members

PCA Members can be authorised to park by displaying a current, valid permit clearly within the windscreen of their vehicle. These permits are allocated by the PCA only. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their permit is displayed clearly in the windscreen of their vehicle with all details showing, to verify them as valid at the time they are parked/observed by the parking operator. The parking operator cannot accept permits that are provided later, have fallen onto the seat or into the footwell of the vehicle, or those that are partially covered up.


Visitors must be authorised to park with a current, valid visitor permit which has been issued by the PCA. It is the driver’s responsibility to obtain a permit from empowered hirers on each occasion that they visit, so they can be authorised to park. These permits remain the property of the PCA, are for temporary parking only and must be returned. Permits that are not returned can be cancelled immediately, without further notice being given to the driver. Vehicles displaying cancelled permits will be at risk of parking enforcement.

These permits are valid only while you attend your function as agreed with the PCA. Any vehicle parking without a valid permit will be at risk of parking enforcement.

Blue Badge holders (non PCA members)

Blue Badge holders can park as needed but must display their Blue Badge and attached clock to cover the time that they are parking there. If a Blue Badge is not displayed, with the attached clock to cover the time that the vehicle is parking there, these vehicles will be at risk of parking enforcement.

All vehicles must be parked within the confines of a space and no parking in common areas is permitted.

I’ve received a ticket – how can I appeal?

Full details of how to appeal are contained on the Parking Charge Notice (ticket).

Please note: The PCA and the council cannot enter into parking appeals. Appeals are handled externally to the landowner; by the parking operator in the first instance and the independent adjudicator POPLA (Parking On Private Land Appeals) at the second stage, to ensure that they are handled fairly and transparently.

Neither PCA or council staff are able to intervene on your behalf or cancel a PCN.